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   - One Hundred CDEP (iatde037)
Centurion - One Hundred
1. I Survived Cremation
2. Southern Discomfort
3. Dahmer
4. After Dark
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Barcode - 5024545448726

Centurion offer up a with 'One Hundred' thick stew of hyper-aggressive riffing and mammoth grooves, splicing the mix with flashes of accomplished technicality and vehement vocal bile, yet the quintet manage to retain an irresistible mood of energy and, dare it be said, fun in their live performance.

With press plaudits already flowing and a solid fanbase built, Centurion are now ready to raise their game. 'One Hundred' is an unrelenting metallic drama that swings between ferocious and epic with a masterful ease.

Ed the vocalist is now in Your Demise.
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Metal Hammer 8/10
You may have seen these hefty Brighton death metallers laying waste to a venue near you supporting Bring Me The Horizon. This promising four-track EP spoons up a stew of belligerent riffs, mammoth grooves and spicy technical flashes a la Dead To Fall and Killswitch Engage. And it's all fine by us.

Rocksound 8/10
If you love your metal then this band are for you, with wide ranging influences from Cult Of Luna to At The Gates to Unearth. Their form of epic beatdown heaviosity is really taking off at the moment, having recently supported the likes of Every Time I Die, Bring Me The Horizon, and Horse The Band.


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