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   - A Thought Refused CD (iatde021)
Everything For Some - A Thought Refused
1. When It's You
2. Stand Alone
3. One World
4. Turn A Blind Eye (And Side With The Powerful)
5. Just Like Them
6. Reclaim Your Life
7. Life Of Lies
8. What You Need To Know
9. How Long?
10. New World Order
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Barcode - 5024545306125

When I recieved Everything For Some's (EFS) already recorded debut album I was so impressed with their blend of Will Haven's anger, the mighty riffage of Helmet and the infectious mood of Rage Against The Machine that I jumped at the chance of releasing this 10 track album. Packed with more punch than a pissed of John Prescott and 10 times catchier than M.R.S.A. these guys will appeal to the Hardcore / SXE / Metal and Rock devotee alike!

A Thought Refused is an Enhanced CD and also has all 3 videos the band have made in the last year, 'Stand Alone', 'One World' & 'Turn A Blind

The amazing and extremely original artwork was created by Mattias Noren at who is better known in Sweden for designing covers for more proggie metal bands such as Wolverine, Unholy Ghost, Into Eternity to name a few.
Everything For Some Band Page

Terrorizer 8/10
When the UK is good at something musically, be it punk ,metal, techno or whatever, it gets picked up in the US, revamped and exported back. Then it takes the UK forever to respond while many bands just ape the Americans in sound style and approach. how many Ministry, NIN, RATM, Machine Head clones have you heard? It's beyond counting. What Everything For Some do is take all the elements of the US artists they like (RATM, Will Haven, Deftones) and throw in a great lump of British 'Fuck you' attitude. Powerful raging hardcore punk riffs and spirit blend with huge metal drums and production, resulting in an awesome debut that is as underground sounding as it is commercially viable. Not a bad thing, in fact, with EFS it makes perfect sense. All that rage is focused into some incredibly catchy tunes, that have a hum-along quality but are still as hard as nails.

Planet Loud 9/10
Everything For Some originate from Andover [UK] which seems an unlikely place to find such a ferocious band, who successfully blend a multitude of influences to create a aural assault not heard since the untimely demise of Rage Against The Machine. If you unpack EFS's sound what you will find is a healthy blend of politically minded lyrics with Deftones-esque soundscapes and Zach de la Rocha sounding vocals mixed with heavy slices of guitar in the style of Mnemic and Textures. One thing that could have resulted from such a potent combination is utter chaos, a lack of unity and cohesion and an unpleasant mess. But fortunately the exact opposite has occurred as Everything For Some are powerful, purposeful and a damn good listen. Opener track 'When It's You' is a bit of a tease really, as you have to wait a full ninety seconds before you hear any vocals at all, but it's worth the wait. Chicken's (funny name, eh?) vocals are pitched slightly higher than most can manage which certainly is an attention grabber and complements the lower end of the bass guitar effectively. The rest of the album flows in a similar vein which attacks your senses relentlessly in a way that you can't ignore. Track four 'Turn a blind' is surely the most Deftones influenced on the album in terms of guitars whilst 'Reclaim Your Life' is the anthem of rebellion we all need to here to ignite a few sparks. Another highlight ?How Long?? is a mellow interlude before the meltdown that is incredibly eerie and sensitive, with ?New World Order?, the final track, a fitting end to a furious and most definitely killer album. Lyrically Everything For Some are saying what most people are thinking. They are expressing the general despair that large sections of society feel inside but don't know how to express. They put across the general apathy young people in particular feel about voting and making a difference; they articulate the problems associated with the ruthless class system we live in; and they support the claim of the individual against the giant wall of our authoritarian state. But what seems to be their main message is that 'If you don't care when it's them, they won't care when it's you' (from 'When It's You') which I interpret as an attack on apathy, laziness and a lack of interest many people have in what's going on in the world around them. People do need to reassert themselves and actually say what them mean inside, stand up for themselves and others. Everything For Some could be the soundtrack to the revolution, for the moment they've got their finger on the button at least. 'A Thought Refused' is an excellent collection of politically motivated songs, a call to arms as it were. This is a worthy addition to your CD collection as a record in itself, so if you are not politically minded don't be put off. This is certainly a moshing album, one you can go crazy too with your mates, and it's a thinking album too and with its three free music videos a tool for change. Everything For Some deserve some recognition for this a mighty release.

Flex Your Head 4/5
I don't want you to run screaming form this review, but Everything For Some definitely combines the heaviness of traditional hardcore with a phat groove (and here it comes...) much like early Rage Against The Machine, minus both Zach's hip hop vocals and Tom's groundbreaking guitar work. Actually I'd put the Everything For Some sound as combining the repetitive riff rock of Helmet or Quicksand with a RATM sense of groove. This would probably appeal to any of the kids who dug the first few years of the alt metal scene. And to those who really were disappointed by the mainstream direction that Audioslave took, and were hoping for something heavier.

Inside Knowledge 9/10
I am glad In at the Deep End Records exists. Seems like there are more talented UK bands then ever, and IATDE is out to bring them to us. Everything for Some from Andover (in Hampshire if you have a map of the UK on you bedroom door) has that special something too. A Snapcase / Rage Against the Machine melange with almost Brother's Keeper like vocals, with amazing lyrics, that cling to the political left. No song is alike, but they all fit the band and are worked out to the smallest detail. Quite and achievement for a band that has been around for just three years. Seems like they spend an eternity together as is all just works. No wonder they gained a reputation of being one of the most exciting live bands in the UK. If they would hit the mainland they could take the European title soon too, I'm sure. As for the visual aspect, there are no less than three videos in the enhanced section to wet your appetite for a show.


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