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   - Special Moments To Detonate Themselves CD (iatde016)
The Once Over Twice - Special Moments To Detonate Themselves
1. Adenoidal
2. Whistlestop On The Permafrost
3. The Adult Crash
4. Don't Go Outside
5. A Clandestine Quest For The Perfect Action Figure
6. Spoken
7. No Point Of Entry
8. Nothing's Broken
9. Victory Lap
10. Lies Of Our Lives
11. The Arranged Marriage
12. Flame On
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Barcode - 5024545280128

The Once Over Twice bared their head first with an outstanding CDEP released on Org Records, but nothing could have prepared us for the wall of pure excellence when that blarred out of the stereo on it's debut play.

This is, quite simply a stunning record that slices open the cadaver of punk rock and lets the guts spill out everywhere. The Once Over Twice simply exude a polished grittiness and the sort of power that takes you in a headlock and chokes your scrawny neck.

They take the likes of The Bluetip, early Fugazi, classic Gray Matter and even right back to Mission Of Burma and they deliver it in a revitalised and truly infectious remaking.

A song like 'Don't Go Outside' has the sort of dynamism and potency that most bands would kill for, and what's more The Once Over Twice have committed their sound to disc with the sort of frenzied intenisty of a killer live performance. Music as genuine and exhilarating as this speaks far louder than any cheap publicity. Check this out at all costs.
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Rocksound 8/10
The first thing to assault you here is the feeling it was recorded after overdosing on passionate energy. It bursts and spits, yet repeatedly restrains itself before spiralling out of control. Not that it would sound bad that way, but you have to admire their self-control! It has elements that bands describing themselves as 'emo' would kill for. But these elements are supercharged with spirit and power and wouldn't sound lost in many hardcore bands either. An impressively intricate weaving of influences, resulting in a guitar-driven exorcism to purge much pent-up frustration, whilst urging you to rock your socks right off. Don't concern yourself with who this sounds like, but rest assured that most of the bands they cite as influential would appreciate this as one fine album.

Big Cheese 4/5
Yet another top release on In At The Deep End (They've put out records by Beecher and Send More Paramedics amongst others). The Once Over Twice hail from Plymouth and play the kind of raw, abrasive punk rock that's seen bands like Million Dead win so many plaudits. While tracks like 'Whistlestop On The Permafrost' and 'Don't Go Outside' lean towards angular, staccato riffing, the band are equally impressive when they play more straight-ahead gritty punk rock in the vein of Hot Water Music (such as on 'A Clandestine Quest For the Perfect Action Figures' and 'No Point Of Entry'). Aggressive, complex yet overwhelmingly accessible, there's no reason why 'Special Moments To Detonate Themselves' shouldn't see The Once Over Twice reach a wider audience.

Drowned In Sound 5/5
The Once Over Twice. Remember that name. Say it out loud. Meditate on it. The Once Over Twice. Write it on a post-it note and stick it on the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, over the TV. Do it NOW. And don't stop 'til I tell you to. Because the next time you find yourself browsing the racks in HMV you will pick this up. You will listen to it every day. You won't be able to stop yourself, not because I'm subtly hypnotising you with my words ' though that would be pretty cool ' but because with their debut album they have easily made the most exciting, the most viciously infectious album you'll buy this year. Bar none. Following on from their 'Strikes And Gutters' EP on Org Records last year this is a steaming, hyperactive ball of post-hardcore energy where every instrument is scrambling for your attention, each barbed melody coming at every angle, burrowing under and over each other in a desperate attempt to make itself heard. In fact, as soon as the hollowed, grating guitar scrum welcomes you into their world the album bursts into a feverishly intense mix of furious guitar strummings, itchy rhythms and explosive drumming, vocalist Darren only accentuating this urgency with a style that jostles between the exasperations of David Yow and the reserved ness of latter-day Ian Mackaye. Lyrically he appears to illustrate the futility of everyday existence if motivation and purpose is lost, voicing on 'Whistlestop On The Permafrost', 'Lose your subtext, lose your motives. So what would you do in my situation? Put it all down to fate and put your feet up? I prefer to take a riddle and decipher on the terms I agree.' Indeed it seems this is a band at odds with societal complacency; a band preferring to affect real change rather than nestling amongst those being ushered through the post-teen turnpike without any real sense of direction. Forget Sunday morning T4; destroy Heat magazine and please, someone send a crippling virus to My Space's server. Because this is what young people need to hear. Musically TOOT share a common bond with the creative mindset of the modern DC punk scene whilst integrating a frantic, wholly disparate take of their own that is both proficient and accessible, yet pumps with a raw, primal energy that evades the bland and instead makes this such a captivating listen from start to finish. In fact, it's going to take a heck of a long time before I put this CD back in its case. So, for those at the back, they are The Once Over Twice. And you are going to love them.

Metal Hammer 8/10
An eclectic fusion emo, hardcore and metal. Plymouth's TOOT are in the spirit of Fugazi - even though they don't really resemble them musically - and evoke the breakneck hardcore of the much neglected Crumbsuckers and the punchpop sensibilities of Bad Religion. Unlike many UK new school hardcore bands TOOT are no strangers to tunes; they can write great melodies without sacrificing the urgency and the boy racer speed. Opener 'Adeniodal' is a glorious fists in the air anthem that sets the tone and the pace for the whole album: that is fast, fast and fucking faster still. If emo went in one direction, TOOT have split away from hardcore and moved in another that goes right back to the roots of punk rock itself which in these days of fakers like The Vines is no bad thing.


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