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   - Vodatumor Blues CDEP (iatde005)
Lovejunk - Vodatumor Blues
1. Emma & Ethan
2. Parents Can't Win
3. Vodatumour Blues
4. Walls
5. If You Gotta Go
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Over 15 minutes long and 5 tracks of the best British power pop punk there ever was. The second of the IATDE Records gatefold CDEP collection. Black ink on grenadier red textured card.

I was doing a interview with Lovejunk and just mentioned in passing that it would be cool to release something by these guys, and what do you know they went for it.

This CDEP has all the upbeat fun loving bubblegum power pop punk feel from these ex Perfect Daze / the Stupids / Space Maggots but obviously the Replacement influence coming through still, one track was previously recorded for Peel Sessions, but re-recorded for this release, and covers of Bob Dylan & Tom Petty songs too!!

This CDEP got 'Single Of The Week' in the Independent Newspaper when it was released.

Release only available in this format not on iTunes etc.
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Independent Newpaper - Single Of The Week 15/06/02
Few bands manage to push out such a good humoured party vibe as this Ipswich quartet, whose tuneful, poppy, punky sound comes across like prime-era Green Day with extra riffage. All five tracks are strong and the packaging is rather cool too.

Fracture 8/10
I've always liked this band, on-one else I know plays that REPLACEMENTS card so well these days. Their album from last year was great, but probably sold like shit cuz the kids don't get it, Their loss, as this band play high octane, alcohol fueled rock'n'roll with sublime tunes and with a wreckless abondonment that so few bands have in this age of squeaky clean emo perfection rock. This 5 track EP showcases possibly their finest song 'Ethan & Emma', this version has been knocking around since 1997, bit it still sounds great and the two other originals are solid , Not too sure about the cover songs (Petty and Dylan)n, but this is a cool insight to a band that deserves a little more attention than they get. I haven't seen them play in years, that's a shame as they are a band who follow no trends and stick to their guns, that's something to be admired these days. Nice packaging too, so pick this up, and if you like what you hear then head straight for their album which is on crackle.

Mass Movement 8/10
I tell you, it's nice to see Lovejunk are still going after all these years and I happen to like anything Wolfie Retard does (musically that is remember - the Stupids?). 5 great tracks of dirty guitar based meldoic punk rock. Sort of reminds me of Superchunk with a slice of early Lemonheads. This is a great disc and I suggest you all sample this EP as an essential part if your education in life.

Artcore 9/10
These boys are naturals. Yeah they wear their influences on their sleeves, but when a band makes good songwriting seem as effortless as this then you can't help but catch their drift maaan. Mr Scruff Myers must've been playing bedroom-guitar along to those Replacements and Superchunk records for years cuz the tunes just flow out of him. 'Ethan & Emma' is classy stuff, 'Parents Can't Win' reads oddly like 'Kids Don't Follow' to me (ha ha), there's the title track, followed by Dylan and Petty cover numbers. All this comes in snazzy for your currency.


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