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Viewing Product » Send More Paramedics / Zombie Apocalypse- Tales Told By Dead Men

Send More Paramedics / Zombie Apocalypse- Tales Told By Dead Men

Special Offer Product
Item Code: iatde024
Price: £8 £5

Availability: 79 in stock


Proving the saying ' Dead Men Tell No Tales' is a complete lie, Zombie Apocalypse and Send More Paramedics combine their brain thirst to form an audio pincer movement on humanity. Thrashcore to the max from both bands.

You'll already be familiar with Leeds favourite putrefying thrash band Send More Paramedics: and you can rest assured that they still want to ingest your cranial juices while playing gonzoid retro thrashcore.

This split release pairs them with kindred spirits Zombie Apocalypse (side project to Shai Hulud), who hail from the rotting core of the Big Apple and are guaranteed to get your limbs flailing for one last mosh before you're overrun by the undead.

"What do we need?" "BRAINS.."

1. Zombie Apocalypse - Just Meat
2. Zombie Apocalypse - God I Hope The Data Is Lying
3. Zombie Apocalypse - Breaking Off Fingers
4. Zombie Apocalypse - Murder Be A Lady Tonight
5. Zombie Apocalypse - Tale Told By A Dead Man
6. Send More Paramedics - From The Void
8. Send More Paramedics - Zombie Versus Shark
9. Send More Paramedics - Funeral
10. Send More Paramedics -Nothing Tastes Like This
11. Send More Paramedics - This Is the Place of Wailing and The

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