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Viewing Product » Send More Paramedics - All 4 IATDE Releases on CD

Send More Paramedics - All 4 IATDE Releases on CD

Special Offer Product
Item Code: smpall4
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All four of Send More Paramedics releases on IATDE Records.

A Feast For the Fallen
The Hallowed & The Heathen
The Awakening
Tales Told By Dead Men (Split with Zombie Apocalypse, members of Shai Hulud)


A Feast For the Fallen
Kerrang KKKK
B-movie thrashcore antics from threatical Yorkshiremen, Seriously. SEND MORE PARAMEDICS absolutely f**king love zombies, and their low-budget B-movie incarnations in particular. Nearly every song on this album pays tribute to the undead, but luckily this is no half baked Misfits rip-off. The Leeds based quartet instead get their musical fire from '80s thrash, with Exodus and Dark Angel being the most evident influences. And with a vocallist who sounds like he trapped a bollock in his flies on the way to the studio, this is thoroughly deranged metallic hardcore and ripples with the kind of psychotic urgency that so many like-minded bands fail to muster. Send More Paramedics' gore splattered live shows are, apparently, now approaching legendary status. Now the band have consolidated this growing reputation with an outrageous, offal-soaked belter of a debut album. Zombie-tastic.

The Hallowed & The Heathen
Terrorizer 8.5/10
Certain questions need answering. Like, why, in 'Dawn Of The Dead', did main protagonist decide to turn on the escalators in the shopping mall? And, more importantly perhaps, how the blood-splattered hell has what's essentially a piss around hardcore-retro-zombie-thrash act made an album as magnificent as this? Send More paramedics debut 'A Feast For The Fallen', had it's moments yet was held back by a four-pack-of-Hofmeister-and-ten-Lambert-&-Butler production job that made it sound like a bad C90 copy. Here, however, the turning has taken place in spectacular fashion: with punchy production from the ever reliable Paul Yeadon and Johnny Carter, the 'medics' Cryptic Slaughter meets Tom Savini attack sounds positively ravenous for brains and human flesh. What's more, there's grisly tuneage aplenty here; 'Zombiecore' may be the first undead beatdown anthem in recently living memory, whilst 'Burning The Body' us a horrifying smorgasbord of Exodus crunchy riffage and shoutalong infectiousness. Run for your fucking lives, people, or at least get a good headshot on, cos' otherwise there'll be no stopping this bunch.

The Awakening
Kerrang KKKK
Send More Paramedics started life as a diseased limb of a side-project that proved contagious before necrosis set in, so now they're busy running on demented instinct, like the Misfits' metal licking hellspawn at an all night halloween party. you'd applaud them for foisting their gut feeling upon us, except in SMP's universe a gut feeling is two fistfuls of entrails. And it's hard to clap when you're holding that. From it's movie poser artwork to the loose narrative running through each song, 'The Awakening' is their most accomplished work to date. Included is a bonus disc that acts as a creepy, atmospheric chaser to the hardcore schlock-rock shellfire of the main album. It lacks the same impact, obviously, but is another statement of intent from a band who could merely have settled for being a novelty act but instead chose to turn themselves into something more considered, pulsating and entertaining. Without a catchy chorus, a big budget or a compromise in sight, Send More Paramedics have created a suitable monster of a record that, fittingly engages with hearts and minds after it's torn them from chests and heads.

Tales Told By Dead Men (Split with Zombie Apocalypse, members of Shai Hulud)
Kerrang KKKK
You'll already be familiar with Leeds' favourite putrefying thrash band Send More Paramedics: and you can rest assured that they still want to ingest your cranial juices while playing gonzoid retro thrashcore. This split release pairs them with kindred spirits Zombie Apocalypse, who hail from the rotting core of the Big Apple and are guaranteed to get your limbs flailing for one last mosh before you're overrun by the undead.

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