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Viewing Product » Sylosis - The Supreme Oppressor

Sylosis - The Supreme Oppressor

Special Offer Product
Item Code: iatde039
Price: £6 £5

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Sylosis' highly anticipated second release has now arrived. The Supreme Oppressor is a stunning showcase of Sylosis' metal muscle. The quintet manage to bring an epic, technical and melodic feel to the old school thrash sound, combining incredible guitar solos and bloodlust vocals. The outcome, a sound that is both devastatingly feral and blisteringly precise.

Clocking in at about half an hour, The Supreme Oppressor packs a lot of power into a small space. Sylosis are drawing on a number of strands of metal style for their inspiration, and while there's plenty of bright epic melody to be heard, there's no shortage of brutal strength very much in keeping with the British underground scene's love of hardcore dynamics.

1. The Supreme Oppressor (Intro)
2. Manipulation Through Idols
3. Visions Of Demise
4. Slowly Consumed
5. Silence From Those In The Sky
6. Turbulence
7. Blind Desperation

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