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Viewing Product » Architects - Nightmares

Architects - Nightmares

Special Offer Product
Item Code: iatde030
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You could waste a lot of time, breath and adjectives trying to pinpoint what Architects sound like. You could take forever musing on the specific influences of every musical nuance while struggling to tuck the quintet into a neat, convenient pigeonhole. You could even spend your time intellectualising why the band are good, spouting hyperbole and meaningless genre tags. Or, you could deal with the simple, primal fact that Architects just blew your goddamn mind.

And yeah, they're only 18. Formed in Brighton, England in 2004, Architects have spent their short time together focused on the things that really matter for an upcoming band: the music, the songs, the killer riffs - choosing to steer well clear of image-centric posturing, hair extensions and online pouting. Drawn together by a love of heavy metal, noise and hardcore, Architects have already made a considerable name for themselves on the UK underground. Racking up shows alongside the likes of Nile, God Forbid, Napalm Death, Johnny Truant and Beecher, the quintet have left punters nationwide gobsmacked and practically frothing at the mouth with their jaw dropping technical proficiency and undeniable songwriting stones.

1. To The Death
2. You Don't Walk Away From Dismemberment
3. Minesweeper
4. They'll Be Hanging Us Tonight
5. This Confession Means Nothing
6. A Portrait For The Deceased
7. In The Desert
8. The Darkest Tomb

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